Further Within Darkness & Light: A Collection of Poetry

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There’s 212 poems in this, including two of mine. I can’t wait to read all the other poems in this as well and I’m planning to get a paperback copy of this too when it’s available.


Writing Update

Haven’t done one of these in a while so thought I’d recap on how me and my writing is going on.

  • I heard back from Oxford Writers’ Circle and Corona and it’s a no from both of them.
  • My list got rejected on Listverse so I sent it to Vocal and they took it.
  • I’m currently working on chapter 7 of my novel Fishman.
  • I counted how many unfinished fan fics I had and there are 12. I’m still focusing on Game of Mass Destruction for the time being as it’s the one where I’ve got the most ideas and the biggest following so far. (It’s had over 700 hits on AO3, even though it’s on Wattpad and FF.Net.)
  • I had a huge setback yesterday which made me really upset. Nothing to do with writing, it’s work related so I’m looking for another place to work and try and leave my current job once I get accepted elsewhere. So far I’ve applied to three other places.
  • Don’t know if I said it here, but I got a poem published in Writing Magazine last month.

Negativity – The Power of Words

Nice blog entry.

Jacci Gooding, Author

Recently I read four contrasting pieces of writing. A blog, a poem and two short stories. Three of the four had one thing in common – the message and comment were negative. And not in a good way. I mean, if you were waiting for some test results and wanted more than anything for those results to be negative, then that’s negative in a positive way, right? But just to be negative without finding a positive – or indeed even looking for a positive – doesn’t help anyone and can isolate your readers.

Let me elaborate. Item one, the poem. Written by an elderly gent who had a subtle rant about how awful the world had become and how dreadful that all the fields (one, probably) were being turned over to build houses. His poem was not just irritating but self-indulgent and – if I may invent another word for…

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Fishman Progress – update 4

It’s been a while since I did an update on Fishman’s progress. I’ve finished five chapters and three flashback scenes and the total word count so far is up to about 10,000. Those who have read the last and first chapter of Fishman enjoyed it and really like sound of Bobby’s Grandpa, so he’ll get a lot more scenes later on in the novel.

I wrote a 300 flash fiction for last month’s flash fiction contest on Flash Zero with the idea of Bobby meeting a genie. I don’t know if I will include the genie into the story as I’m not quite sure how he would fit into the novel.


An Open Book

It’s not a mess when it’s an open book
It’s the exhibition of my imagination
Flying through a thousand centuries
The characters I’ve known loved and lost
Outnumber the grains of Sahara

If it was not for the heroes and heroines
Of my short-lived innocence,
Then I would not be the person I am today

Even if I was able to read and memorize
Every page in all these books
It would never be enough

For I know that every day
Something dies
Something is born
Or created

The knowledge I have now
Will never be enough
There is more upon the horizon
Beautiful forms of words and art
That is waiting to be discovered